10 Most Powerful Characters In Black Clover!

In recent years, Black Clover has become one of the most popular series in Weekly Shonen Jump. The plot takes set in a magical universe and involves a large cast of influential characters, many of whom have gained global popularity as a result of their TV appearances.

In Black Clover, many of the wizards (and later, devils) rely on powerful support magic combining powers to defeat their foes. These people are known far and wide for their extraordinary magical and physical prowess in battle.

1. Lucius Zogratis Is The Show’s Biggest Threat

The most potent wizard in the Clover Kingdom was former Wizard King Julius Novachrono. He had a special grimoire that harnessed a magical quality that allowed him to manipulate time by pausing it, speeding it up, slowing it down, or turning it back on itself. Now that it has been established that Novachrono is truly Lucius, the eldest Zogratis sibling, all of this must be questioned.

Lucius Zogratis, in his role as Wizard King, is more powerful than nearly everyone else in the series combined. When you consider that he formerly hosted Astaroth, one of the strongest Devils in the Underworld and that he ate Lucifero’s heart after easily defeating him, you may begin to grasp the catastrophic potential of this ex-Spade Kingdom citizen.

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2. Lucifero Presides Over Hell Itself

The fight between the Clover Kingdom and the Devils has defined much of Black Clover, and Lucifero, the lord of the Underworld, is the embodiment of the Devil’s demonic threat. While he is first introduced to the story as the devil occupying Dante, it isn’t until he escapes with half of his power to the world of the living that his true potential is revealed.

You can’t possibly defeat such an all-encompassing foe without the participation of every major player in the series. Without special people like Asta, Nacht, and Yami, Lucifero might have been unbeatable thanks to his gravity magic’s ability to alter nature itself.

3. Asta Is The Most Powerful Wizard ln Clover Kingdom

I’m going to do better than I ever imagined. Asta, the main character of Black Clover, says this over and over again. Repeatedly proving his mettle, he has become the Clover Kingdom’s most powerful wizard. Asta can overcome any obstacle with the aid of Liebe, the devil who serves as one of his hosts.

Asta’s lifelong struggle to cope with his lack of magic has shaped him into a formidable warrior. His dedication to fighting and tactical prowess is unmatched. It remains to be seen if he will succeed to the throne of the Wizards as their King, but he is certainly deserving of the honor.

4. Yuno Refuses To Be Outdone By Asta

From the beginning of Black Clover, Yuno’s trajectory has been just as impressive as Asta’s. Several times throughout the book, the user of the four-leaf grimoire legitimately outperformed his anti-magic-wielding buddy. Yuno was going to be a powerful foe because he was endowed with mana.

With the tremendous effort, the vice-captain has put into his quest to become Wizard King, Yuno’s innate talent has skyrocketed. The combination of this and Yuno’s recently found Star Magic makes him one of the show’s most formidable protagonists.

5. Yami Sukehiro Is Both Magic & Brute Force

In a fight to the death, Yami would be the last person anyone would want on their side. One of the most powerful captains, both magically and physically, thanks to his ability to consistently outdo himself.

Using his Darkness Magic, Yami can absorb and channel any type of mana, erect shields, and unleash waves of concentrated darkness from his katana. His superior control over Ki allows him to detect his foes’ whereabouts and counter their assaults with lightning quickness. When Yami is at full strength, nothing can stop him, not even dimensions or Spatial Magic.

6. Lily Aquaria Now Hosts The Second-Strongest Devil In Existence

Sister Lily was first introduced in Black Clover as a warm and friendly caregiver for Asta and Yuno. Her growth has been stifled throughout the series, and she hasn’t shown any significant improvement in strength until recently. Yet after meeting Lucius Zogratis, her life took a dramatic turn.

Lucius had the ability to cleanse demons and redistribute their abilities to humans. The first person he used to show off this power on was Sister Lily, who became the host of the very potent (and now cleansed) Beelzebub. The ease with which she repulsed Noelle, Mimosa, and Nero after gaining this power suggests that she has not yet reached her full potential.\

7. Lucifugus Wiped Out Nacht’s Entire Family

Black Clover not only demonstrates that the Underworld is home to legions of devils but also categorizes them according to their level of power. Only a select fraction of the most powerful demons, the Supreme Devils, have been revealed. But among the devils, Lucifugus stands out for the terrifying power it showed.

Black Clover Characters
Black Clover Characters

The Black Bulls’ vice-captain, Nacht Faust, comes from a long line of people who have made a living enslaving demons. Even though Nacht had already proven his devil-taming powers, Faust Sr. tried to have him take control of Lucifugus, but the Supreme Devil’s presence was enough to wipe out most of the Faust family.

8. Adrammelech’s Horns Could Be A Sign Of An Immense Threat

Black Clover is filled with depictions of various demons, each with its own unique set of skills. While these skills can cover a wide spectrum, the number of horns on a devil’s head is generally taken to indicate its overall strength, with four horns indicating the greatest might. With such information in hand, it seems that Adrammelech’s seemingly weak demeanour belies its true strength.

Adrammelech makes an appearance during the climax of the Spade Kingdom arc, and it quickly becomes clear that it has no qualms about disobeying the commands of even Lucifero. After making peace with Lucius Zogratis, Adrammelech will certainly reappear.

9. Zenon Zogratis Can Manifest Dual Mana

Zenon Zogratis, like his sister Vanica, is a member of the Dark Triad that rules the Spade Kingdom, but he is much more powerful than his sister. Before losing to Yuno, Zenon had the ability to control two kinds of magic at once. His spatial power manifested as cubes of mana under his complete control, and his bone magic formed tangles of sharp and deadly bones.

In addition, Zenon had complete access to all of his devilish abilities. To overcome Zenon, even the most naturally gifted magician in existence had to put out their utmost effort, as he was said to be one of the strongest possessors.

10. Licht Is The Original Holder Of Asta’s Grimoire

Despite sharing the same name, Patolli is no match for the real Licht. Licht, the first person to possess Asta’s grimoire and the man who forged his blades, tapped into abilities Asta had not yet mastered. With the Demon Dweller Sword once again in his possession, he was able to absorb mana at a greater distance and in greater quantities than Asta could ever hope to achieve.

Licht is able to unleash immense magical power with a single slash by channelling the might of his fellow elves. After he became a demon from ancient times, Licht’s strength was comparable to that of Lumiere. Even if he lost in the end, Licht brought Lumiere very close to passing out.

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