Berserk Chapter 371 Release Date Update In 2022!

According to the publishing schedule for Young Animal Issue 24, 2022, Berserk Chapter 371 will come out on December 9, 2022.

On October 14, 2022, when Berserk Chapter 370 is published, we should have confirmation of this data. MangaMoguraRE, a trustworthy and passionate reader of Young Animal manga, discovered this announcement early on after reading the magazine in its original Japanese language format.

The release date of Berserk Chapter 371 was announced to be October 14, 2022, at the conclusion of the most recent chapter (369). The tale moved to Elf Island with Chapter 308, and it will conclude with Chapter 370 of Berserk.

Berserk Chapters 368 And 369 Explained

In Chapter 368 of Berserk, it was hinted that Griffith will turn the island’s tranquilly upside down. Guts loses his cool and tries to swing the Dragon Slayer, but the blade just misses. How can we stop the deluge of nightfall?

As the dark, liquid-like monsters slowly make their way over the elven island, Isidro and his friends begin to panic. Skull Knight materialises, apparently at Griffith’s bidding, and says that the aliens have emerged through the rift. In fact, as Skull Knight elaborates, these animals represent the very foundations of the island and its original lords.

The mermaids have warned of an impending disaster, and Captain Roderick and his crew are preparing to escape the island. It seems that some of Roderick’s soldiers are still unwilling to leave. Some of Roderick’s men are suddenly attacked by the dark spirits, who drain their flesh until all that’s left are skeletons.

After Griffith carries the unconscious Casca away in his arms, Guts sees Griffith fly away with Zodd. In the opening of Berserk Chapter 369, Guts complains that he could not kill his sworn enemy Griffith with even a single blow of his sword.

Future Berserk Arc Will Focus On Guts Gaining New Power

It’s worth noting that Guts isn’t concerned with Casca now; instead, he’s worried about the persistent power imbalance between himself and Griffith. As opposed to that, it’s the same dramatic contrast as during the Eclipse.

Seemingly starting over, Guts now feels helpless and hopeless. If he is serious about going after Griffith and saving Casca, then this needs to be addressed.

Although, this time, it’s about more than just rescuing Casca. In my opinion, Guts’s lack of concern about Casca at this time demonstrates his faith in Casca. Griffith is mistaken, she is not a helpless victim. While the shock of seeing Griffith again may have caused her to swoon, Casca is no pushover, and he may have brought home a sleeping tiger rather than a kitten.

Berserk Chapter 371 release date
Berserk Chapter 371 release date

Casca, in the centre of Griffith’s operations, should be able to protect herself, and she may even be able to cause some damage to Griffith’s supporters and troops. It’s possible that Casca, seeking vengeance against Griffith, will decide to eliminate the princess.

Despite having his unique armour and sword, Guts is still no match for Griffith. Guts will need to figure out how to compete effectively with Griffith. I don’t understand how he can pull this off. Some recent occurrences have suggested that Guts will need to become an Apostle in order to compete with Griffith in the fighting arena.

For the sake of winning the war against Griffith, if Guts decides to become an Apostle, he must sacrifice his humanity and all hope of a future with Casca. It seems likely to me given Guts’ current demeanor.

The island is devastated and the elves begin to vanish near the end of Berserk Chapter 369. Guts, Isidro, and the others will presumably lose contact with their new elven companions once the elves leave the “physical realm” and relocate to the “spiritual plane.” Isidro must bid farewell to his new pal Isma.

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