10 Best Anime Characters With Anger Issues

Trainee hero Izuku Midoriya and his explosive adversary and classmate Katsuki Bakugo are the show’s main characters. Bakugo’s fiery temper is the stuff of tales, and he spends a lot of screen time angry, snappy, or at least impatient to show himself. The matching Quirk is an explosive one.

Bakugo has a reputation for being a hothead, but his wrath rarely seems warranted. Having been raised in a warm and supportive family, Katsuki Bakugo has gone on to excel academically at Japan’s most prestigious institution. He’s got a lot to be thankful for, so he has to take a deep breath and stop acting so cocky for a change. Contrarily, there is no shortage of even angrier anime characters whose wrath is both more powerful and more warranted.

1.Thorfinn Karlsefni Burns With Vengeful Fury (Vinland Saga)

Thorfinn Karlsefni, the Viking antihero, was a carefree and joyful child in his native Iceland until he stowed away on his generous father Thors’ ship. This suggests that Thorfinn, at a young age, was present when Askeladd, the plotting king, killed Thors in a fight on the Faroe Islands.

It didn’t take long for Thorfinn’s mood to shift. After witnessing the murder of his father, he became possessed by a burning rage and loathing for the person responsible; this rage and desire for revenge kept him going for many years. Unfortunately, it was for naught in the end.

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2. Guts’ Rage Toward Griffith Is Legendary (Berserk)

The nomadic warrior known only as Guts is infamous for many reasons, including his berserker wrath for his betraying best buddy Griffith and his gigantic dragon slayer sword, as well as his whirlwind romance with Casca. Griffith is responsible for a lot of things, and Guts is aware of this better than anyone.

Despite his best efforts, Guts is perpetually enraged, and it takes very little to ignite his blood on fire in his pursuit to kill Griffith and the God Hand for good. Guts go completely insane at the mere suggestion of the God Hand and fly into a berserk passion, set on Griffith’s annihilation.

3. Eren Yeager Roared In Anger When The Titans Attacked (Attack On Titan)

The shonen antihero Eren Yeager is similar to Thorfinn in that they both had carefree, innocent childhoods before tragedy struck, and their families were irreparably broken. Eren’s life was flipped upside down in the year 845 when Wall Maria collapsed and Titans that fed on human flesh pushed their way inside.

After Eren witnessed the brutal murder of his mother, Carla, at the hands of Pure Titan piloted by Dina Fritz, he exploded in a bitter wrath that has never died. An angry Eren declared he would destroy all Titans, but after discovering the truth, he turned his hatred on the Marley Empire as a true villain.

4. Kyo Sohma’s Anger Runs Deep (Fruits Basket)

Characters interested in shojo romance Kyo Sohma doesn’t go around yelling “DIE!” and blowing people up with his Quirks, and he may sometimes be more of Mr. Romantic than Mr. Angry. Even so, given the dreadful hand that fate dealt him, Kyo has every right to be furious. Being the cat of the Zodiac is challenging.

In his role as the cat, Kyo has been subjected to verbal and emotional abuse his entire existence. He has been called an ugly and undesired animal who brings sorrow to all. This explains why the tsundere is always irrationally angry and depressed, and why he takes his frustrations out on Kyo and even Kagura. He has a lot of emotional baggage that needs to be dealt with.

5. Prince Zuko’s Heart Burns With Passion (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

In Avatar: The Last Airbender, the Firebender prince Zuko was known for his fury to the point where he was called “prince pouty” and “the furious jerk.” Zuko is not a monster, but he does have a short fuse and is easily angered. His father Ozai was cruel, and he had to take the brunt of his punishment.

Yes, Zuko was irate, but he pointed the finger of blame squarely at himself. To put it mildly, he was swamped with responsibilities, and he wasn’t always good at juggling them. But eventually, Zuko matured and learned his real path, and he found the serenity he had been seeking.

6. Ghiacchio Gets Angry Over The Tiniest Things (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

The ability to throw ice The Stand user Ghiaccio shares the same voice actor, Nobuhiko Okamoto, with Bakugo. Both characters have a tendency to fly off the handle, but Ghiaccio’s fiery wrath stands in stark contrast to the coldness of his ice abilities. This mash-up is certainly unusual.

Anime Characters With Anger Issues
Anime Characters With Anger Issues

Seeing Ghiaccio get so fired up over something as inconsequential as the correct pronunciation of Venice’s name was a source of comic relief for fans of Jojo, and he also gets very wound up in battle. He can’t keep his anger even when the ice is melting, and he shares this trait with Fugo and Narancia.

7. Naofumi Iwatani Raged At The Unfair World (The Rising Of The Shield Hero)

Eventually, the protagonist of the isekai, Naofumi Iwatani, came to value companionship and optimism more than he valued his wrath and hatred. He was initially stigmatized as the “Shield Satan,” wrongfully accused, and greatly loathed for his perceived criminal activities. His reaction was one of utter fury.

Naofumi’s larger rage kept him going throughout his adventure, but it wasn’t enough to last, not even after he’d unlocked the terrifying Wrath Shield. As Naofumi’s acceptance spread, his anger faded. However, when the villain Kyo Ethnina provoked him, Naofumi’s rage returned with a vengeance.

8. Yammy Llargo’s Anger Powers Him Up (Bleach)

Some anime characters, like the ones that play the lead roles in the story of Jujutsu Kaisen, are able to channel their negative emotions into a powerful source of curse energy. Then there’s Yammy Llargo, the 10th Espada and the villain of Bleach, whose entire motif is unrestrained wrath.

Yammy is always ready to fight and rough, yet he has a short temper and is easily provoked. Then, when his enemies anger him, he can release his zanpakuto, Ira, and transform into a giant monster. To put it simply, he is more powerful than Bakugo could ever hope to be.

9. Vegeta Is The Furious Saiyan Prince (Dragon Ball)

The Saiyan prince Vegeta is notorious for many things, including his tsundere behavior toward his beautiful wife, Bulma, and his ongoing feud with Son Goku. The development of Vegeta’s character is somewhat intricate, yet it can be boiled down to “he’s angry” for the sake of comprehension.

If Vegeta feels that his honor or reputation has been insulted, he is easily angered or loses his composure. Even the training robots he breaks are no exception to his rage, necessitating the services of an irritated mechanic.

10. Edward Elric Has A Towering Temper (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

Despite his hostility, Edward Elric, the state alchemist, is a more morally upstanding and admirable shonen character than Katsuki Bakugo. However, Edward is quickly angered and can become extremely petty if he feels he has been insulted.

Ed is the one who yelled angrily at the little girl who called him an amoeba, and if Selim Bradley makes another remark about Ed’s height, Ed will either kick someone or threaten to punt Selim Bradley into space. In comparison to him, his brother Alphonse is the more level-headed and sensible one.

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