How Do You Claim Codes In Anime Adventures?

Here you may find the most recent Anime Adventures codes. One Piece and Naruto are just two of the many popular anime that have inspired popular games on Roblox.

For a tower defense experience like no other, try Anime Adventures. Gomu’s creation is one of the year 2022’s biggest hits, and it’s certain to remain a favorite for years to come, with all the new content upgrades and raids being added.

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All Anime Adventures Codes

All the active October 2022 codes for Anime Adventures can be found here on our wiki.

Code Reward Active/Expired
ANDROID Free Legendary Unit! Active (NEW CODE)
FAIRY2 Free gems Active
FAIRY Free gems Active
SERVERFIX Free gems and gold Active
HUNTER Free gems Active
QUESTFIX Free gems Active
HOLLOW Free gems Active
MUGENTRAIN Free gems Active
GHOUL Free gems Active
subtomaokuma Free Summon Ticket Active
TWOMILLION Free gems Active
TOADBOIGAMING Free Summon Ticket Active
SubToKelvingts Free Summon Ticket Active
SubToBlamspot Free Summon Ticket Active
FictioNTheFirst Free Summon Ticket Active
KingLuffy Free Summon Ticket Active
Cursed Free Summon Ticket Active
noclypso Free Summon Ticket Active
FIRSTRAIDS Free Gems Expired
MARINEFORD Free Gems Expired
DATAFIX Free Gems Expired
RELEASE 50 free gems Expired

How To Redeem Codes In Anime Adventures

Here’s how to redeem codes – it’s a bit different from other games!

  • Enter the main hub in Neo Tokyo
  • Walk to the large CODES sign
  • Walk into the glowing circle
  • Enter the code, hit redeem and enjoy!

There are two potential causes for a non-working promo code: (1) a typo in the code’s entry, or (2) the code’s expiration. When using the code from our list above, be careful to do it verbatim. You should come back soon to see if anything new has been added if the coupon has expired.

Anime Adventures Codes
Anime Adventures Codes

What Are Anime Adventures Codes?

When you play Anime Adventures, you can obtain free rewards in the form of codes that can be redeemed for in-game currency, such as gems (which can be used to buy upgrades and other unique items in the game) or Summon Tickets, from the developers at Gomu (this is how you get your hands on more powerful towers in Anime Adventures). Every time an update is made public, new codes are also made available.

What Is Anime Adventures?

When playing the Roblox game Anime Adventures, you can call upon a wide variety of strong anime characters to serve as your turrets. You start off with a free character (in our case, Zoro from One Piece, who is spelled “Zoru” in-game), and you may use in-game gold, gems, and summon tickets to acquire additional anime characters.

The city of Neo-Tokyo is your first stop on your adventure, serving as both a starting point for quests and a training ground for aspiring anime warriors. These codes can be exchanged for summon tickets, which can then be used in the game’s Summon section to bring in new characters. They are regulars in the animes you enjoy, so you should recognise them. Now that you have characters at your disposal thanks to character summoning, it is time to put them to use in raids and other task types.

Latest Anime Adventures Update 3

There’s more coming, so bookmark this page and check back soon to see if any other codes have been added to the official game page.

Official patch notes here for Update 3:

  • New units to collect
  • The level cap increased to 80
  • New quests linked to events
  • The limited unit added to the game
  • Leaderboard unit reward and leaderboard reset
  • Infinite mode saves gems and progress
  • You can now lock units
  • Remnant challenge added
  • Bug fixes

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