10 Most Powerful Akame Ga Kill Characters!

The White Fox C-Station anime Akame Ga Kill is a huge hit among fans. It depicts the story of the Night Raid, a squad of assassins who have banded together to overthrow their corrupt government. In keeping with the group’s action-adventure motif, every member of Night Raid carries either a Teigu or an Imperial Arms and performs a somewhat important function for the organisation.

1. Akame

Clearly the series’ female lead, Akame is also portrayed as the Night Raid’s most formidable fighter. In the series, she made her big entrance when she delivered the killing blow to Esdeath. From an early age, Akame has been groomed for a life of assassiny in the company of one of Suzuki’s shinobi. When it comes to weaponry and close-quarters combat, she is unrivalled.

She was born into a family that dealt with poisons, so she grew up with an unrivalled understanding of medicinal plants and an unrivalled mastery of the woods. The name Akame, which means “Red Eyes,” refers to the colour of the eyes. No doubt about it, she’s the strongest of the group.

2. Tatsumi

Tatsumi is the main male protagonist of Night Raid and, in his Final Incursio Evolution form, the strongest character in the game. As the dragon, nothing can stop him from wreaking havoc.

When Tatsumi first joined Night Raid, he already possessed a remarkable skill for combat. Before he ever reaches the Capitol, he shows his speed and strength by defeating a massive monster in the first episode. Tatsumi’s body later morphed into the reptilian form of the Tyrant’s dragon, allowing him to vanquish the Emperor.

3. Susanoo

Almost everyone in Night Raid relies on their Imperial Arms to either significantly increase their existing powers or bestow them with new ones. Contrarily, Susanoo is an Imperial Arms, a rare species of organic Teigu. There is also an uncommon character in this anime.

Being a living weapon, it’s not surprising that Susanoo is so highly regarded among the rest of Night Raid. After being defeated by him, Esdeath admits to his strength, which is no small feat in and of itself. Don’t piss him off, all of you!

4. Mine

The reason for Mine’s success is her tsundere character. On the other hand, she is a brave young woman and the most powerful female assassin since Night Raid’s Akame. Her self-esteem as a “genius sniper” rests on the spirit Teigu gun she has dubbed Pumpkin. Not only can it discharge fatal bullets, but this unique weapon can also mirror the user’s internal state.

Mine’s most intense and passionate feelings during combat, however, caused the blade to overheat and become worthless. She had lost command of the Teigu, but managed to regain it. Mine has shown she can hold her own against formidable foes.

5. Leone

As a member of Night Raid, Leone is renowned as a formidable warrior. Her belt, the Imperial Arms, offers her superhuman abilities in every way imaginable on the battlefield: speed, strength, reflexes, and more. There is no greater power than the capacity to heal, which Leone receives from the Imperial Arms.

Leone’s intelligence and ability to deceive others make her an excellent investigator. In addition, she can evaluate alternative scenarios with cool composure. Leone is frequently seen vetting the legitimacy of Night Rais’s assassination targets.

6. Bulat

There is no doubt that Bulat is the most powerful and swift Night Raid assassin, hence he is placed among the top-positioned Imperial Officers because of this. Because of his incredible abilities—including superhuman strength, invisibility, dexterity, and indestructible armour—he is also known as the “100-Man Slayer.”

Akame Ga Kill Characters
Akame Ga Kill Characters

Bulat’s armour-type Teigu sword makes it clear that he doesn’t need to spend time at the gym. His whole physique suits up like a suit of armour. In order to prove his worth even in his closing hours, a poisoned and struggling Bulat nevertheless manages to take on and overcome some of the Empire’s most skilled fighters.

7. Lubbock

Even while Lubbock doesn’t stand out on Night Raid for his individual combat prowess, he does have fairly valuable Imperial Arms. Many times during the series, he is able to turn the tables with the help of the Imperial Arms. The wire threads that make up his Teigu, “Infinite Use: Cross Tail,” can be employed in attacking and defensive manoeuvres.

Lubbock’s clothes save the day on multiple occasions during the series, and they do give him an edge in one-on-one confrontations. Nevertheless, Lubbock’s strength is doubtful without his Teigu. While Lubbock’s Teigu assurance is noteworthy,

8. Chelsea

Chelsea, like Najenda, is hard to categorise in terms of Night Raid’s strength. Chelsea’s strength is around ordinary, but she has the astonishing and useful ability to shapeshift thanks to Imperial Arms.

Chelsea’s reliance on her shapeshifting talent during her control over the series is indicative of the fact that it is, unfortunately, her only actual ability. Chelsea lacks the combat skill to back up her actions, so she is unable to deliver much damage without the element of surprise.

9. Sheele

Fans of the manga and anime don’t get to see much of Sheele because she is one of the first Night Raid members to perish. There are a few instances that demonstrate her strength, and she would be quite difficult to overcome if she were to use her Teigu, a gigantic pair of scissors, as a weapon.

Sheele does not appear to have any interest in fighting beyond the use of her scissors. She has the same speed and strength as the rest of the Night Raid cast, but she can’t hold a candle to Leone when it comes to fighting.

10. Najenda

Najenda, as Night raid’s captain and top assassin, is deserving of a seat here. Due to her extensive background in the military, she rose to the rank of general in The Empire and eventually became a key figure in Akame ga Kill. Najenda’s strengths lie in her ability to plot and execute elaborate schemes, as well as her ability to exert considerable influence over people.

she is a fantastic leader because of her cool demeanour, subtlety, and intelligence. His nickname, “The Hunk of the Rebellion,” is well-deserved thanks to her macho fashion sense, which gives her a strong, commanding presence.

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