Who Are The Two Main Characters In A Silent Voice?

Very few movies are able to strike such a chord with their viewers as A Silent Voice did. Everyone who saw the anime was moved by the touching story of a bully’s redemption who becomes a loner in high school.

One of the film’s strongest points was undoubtedly the authenticity and realism of its characters. Their reality was so striking that it bordered on the strange, which is why, despite the film’s widespread acclaim, there are still some characters whom viewers have not been able to forgive.

1. Shouko Nishimiya: The Victim Who Eventually Forgave Her Bully

Shouko is shown as a kind and innocent young girl who only wants to fit in with other girls her age and have a good time. A later plot point addresses the effect that the bullying may have had on her mental health.

She refused to let her difficult circumstances shape who she is now. By choosing to forgive Ishida and accept him as a friend, she demonstrated her inner strength.

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2. Shouya Ishida: The Bully Who Got Bullied & Wanted Nothing But Redemption

Ishida moved from being a social, outgoing kid to a solitary hermit after being shunned by his classmates for bullying Shouko.

As a young man, he wanted nothing more than to track down Shouko, make amends with her, and win her friendship. His unflinching honesty and kindness quickly won over everyone, even Shouko’s icy mother.

3. Tomohiro Nagatsuka: The Funny Sidekick Who Turned Out To Be A Good Friend

Tomohiro was overly trusting, as it only took Ishida one nice gesture for him to become his best friend. His attitude and demeanour made some individuals uneasy, including Ishida. Yet he was never shaken by any of it.

He is revealed to be a true friend to Ishiada, giving him sound advise anytime he asks for it.

4. Yuzuru Nishimiya: The Rebellious Younger Sister

The younger sister of the protagonist, Shouko, was portrayed as a rebellious figure who had grown apart from their mother. She showed extreme animosity for Ishida and was extremely protective of her sister.

But now that she knows Ishida has changed, she readily accepts him in his new form. As a matter of fact, she was frequently observed nudging him in the direction of her sister’s company.

5. Miyako Ishida: The Sweet Mother Who Wanted Her Son To Do The Right Thing

Miyako, despite being a single parent, is shown as a caring and compassionate person who does whatever for her children. She treated everyone with kindness and acceptance (as could often be seen in her treatment toward Yuzuru).

Despite her undying affection for Shouya, she made it apparent that he had hurt her feelings. She also extended an offer to replace Shouko’s broken or misplaced hearing aids at her expense, all because of her son.

6. Miyoko Sahara: The Sweet Girl Who Got Bullied Simply

Among the movie’s cast, Miyoko stood out as one of the most benevolent. She made an attempt to learn sign language so that she could speak with Shouko, whom she eventually befriended.

This made her a target of Shouko’s bullies, unfortunately. Despite this, she and Shouko became good friends as they matured, and she was the first person Ishida called when he wanted to apologize to Shouko.

7. Yaeko Nishimiya: Her “Tough Love” Belief Resulted In Her Daughter Getting Consistently Bullied

For Yaeko, “tough love” was a philosophy worth pursuing. She assumed that Shouko, like herself after her husband abandoned her while she was pregnant, would become strong through adversity.

Because of this, Shouko was subjected to prolonged harassment; yet, her mother hoped that she would emerge from the ordeal stronger and more determined than before. The fact that she loathed Ishida for bullying her daughter but never once blamed herself for allowing it to happen is an example of the misdirected hatred she harbored.

A silent voice characters
A silent voice characters

8. Naoka Ueno: The Tsundere Who’s Rude To Everybody By Default

Naoka, being a real tsundere, was frequently impolite to her peers, especially Ishida. Her words and deeds frequently cause pain for others, notably Shouko. Naoka knew full well the outcome of her behavior, yet she made no effort to alter it.

She joined the rest of her class in mocking Shouko and doing nothing to stop Ishida and his pals from picking on her.

9. Kazuki Shimada: The Boy Who Abandoned His Friend Only After His Bullying Was Exposed

In other words, Kazuki was only there for you when it suited him. When the tide turned against Ishida, he abandoned his best buddy, too. He did nothing to stop Ishida from bullying, and he conveniently decried Ishida’s behavior while everyone else was engaged in the same behavior.

It didn’t matter if they ran into each other again years later; he still didn’t regard Ishida like an old friend.

10. Miki Kawai: The Bully Who Played Victim

Despite being one of the film’s most likable characters, Mika was also one of the ones who were most reviled. She was a narcissist who was uncomfortable with the idea of being disliked by others and craved praise.

Whenever she was in the wrong, she would immediately claim victim status. Although she participated in bullying herself, she was the first to report Ishida to her teacher.

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