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American Idol Top 5
American Idol Top 5

Which contestants Made It To The American Idol Top 5?

Alanis Morissette and Ed Sheeran, both Grammy Award winners, joined Luke Bryan as guest judges on Sunday’s (May 7) episode of American Idol as the Top 8 were whittled down to the Top 5. Regular judges Katy Perry and Lionel Richie were in the United Kingdom performing at King Charles III’s coronation concert. We spoke with Perry and Richie from Windsor Castle early in Sunday’s episode, which featured a surprise appearance by King Charles and Queen Camilla.
Between rounds of competition, Sheeran performed his new single “Eyes Closed.” Morissette also performed her 1998 hit “Thank You.” Who made it to the American Idol Top 5? Continue reading to find out…

Who Is In American Idol Top 5?

Back in the studio, the Top 8 took the stage to impress the judges and the voting audience, hoping to hear host Ryan Seacrest call their name at the end of the episode. The group sang solo renditions of Morisette’s most memorable songs and duets of Sheeran’s hits. After the voting period had ended, host Ryan Seacrest took to the stage to reveal the five competitors advancing to the Disney Night round the following week. Colin Stough, Zachariah Smith, Megan Danielle, Iam Tongi, and Wé Ani were the other five members of this group.

American Idol posted their top 5 contestants names on their official twitter page. You can see the Tweet below.

Colin Stough

Colin Stough gives “Hand In My Pocket” a “whole new life” with his rockstar performance. “I did not see that coming,” Alanis says of Colin’s rendition of her song. This performance, according to Ed, is “right up my alley.” Colin’s “different spin” on the song appeals to him.

Haven and Zachariah duet on “Thinking Out Loud.” These two have fantastic musical chemistry together. Ed praises the duet for being “really soulful, really powerful.” Alanis says the duo made the song feel like “it was born as a duet.”

Zachariah Smith

The next performer, Zachariah Smith, delivers a more subdued but no less impressive rendition of “Ironic.” The rendition, in Ed’s opinion, is “super, super powerful.” Luke notes that Zachariah’s performance included “tender moments” and “lots of dynamics,” both of which contributed to the overall effect. you can watch his performance by clicking on this youtube link.

Megan Danielle

Megan Danielle captivates with her rendition of “Head Over Feet.” Ed tells Megan that he felt as though he was “watching a classical singer from the 1960s” and that she has a “very unique.” Luke exclaims that Megan “nailed that” performance.

I am performing “Guardian” in honor of his mother. Alanis mentions Iam’s effortless empathy and believes he is exactly what the world needs now. Luke acknowledges that Iam’s performances elicit rapturous applause, stating, “You just always light up the room, and it’s obvious when you do.”

Wé Ani

Wé Ani and Warren performed a breathtaking duet on stage, singing “Perfect.” The “massive range” that both Wé and Warren possess is something that Alanis brings up. Luke gushes that it is “so fun” to watch them both “blossom individually” and then come together for something “really special.” Luke is referring to their relationship with each other.

American Idol Top 5
American Idol Top 5

Iam Tongi

Iam Tongi and Oliver Steele perform a stunning duet of “Photograph” by Ed. During Hollywood Week, these two performed together, and they truly make beautiful music together. Ed acknowledges that he “got emotional” while listening to the performance. Alanis remarked that the performance “really moved” her. This week, Oliver’s father is also in the audience.

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Conclusion: Guest judges Alanis Morissette and Ed Sheeran performed their own music on the most recent episode of American Idol. In the meantime, regular judges Katy Perry and Lionel Richie were in the UK. The top eight contestants performed solo and duet renditions of songs, with Colin Stough, Zachariah Smith, Megan Danielle, Iam Tongi, and Wé Ani finishing in the top five. The judges praised each contestant for their performances, and it’s clear that the competition is heating up. Fans will be looking forward to seeing what the Top 5 bring to the next round in the Disney Night episode.

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