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All Of Us Are Dead Now Season 2
All Of Us Are Dead Now Season 2

All Of Us Are Dead Season 2 Release Date: Who’s In The Cast?

All Of Us Are Dead Now Season 2: Netflix’s Korean drama offerings have recently been very successful. It’s just been a year, but the streaming service has introduced millions of people to a whole new universe of Korean material, including terrifying dramas, a life-or-death dilemma in Squid Game, and demonic creatures from the end of the world in Hellbound.

The South Korean horror series All of Us Are Dead, which gives the zombie genre a horrific high school twist, is now ready to grab your attention and feast on your brain.

We’re sure you’re all itching for more episodes of All of Us Are Dead since, like those other shows, it’s as addicting as it is brilliantly created. You’ve successfully navigated to the correct location, then.

In an interview with The Korea Herald, Lee Jae-kyoo, director of All of Us are Dead, revealed that he had “deliberately” set up the show for a possible second season:

According to Lee, the hybrid zombies we see in the second half of the show are only one example of the “many paths, settings, and scenarios were purposely constructed to expand the tale into an additional season.”

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If the first season was about humans hanging on for dear life, then the second season can focus on the undead.

All Of Us Are Dead Season 2 Release Date

Can we survive again? was the statement on an Instagram picture by Netflix Korea announcing the second season. Hyosan High School’s second tale of its students’ courageous survival through a zombie apocalypse begins. A hashtag for the end of humanity: #AllofUsAreDead #Netflix.

In yet another YouTube video, Yoon Chan-young said, “Hello everyone, it’s been a while. Netflix users everywhere, you guys rock for supporting the first season of All of Us Are Dead so enthusiastically.

Once he had passed the camera around to his fellow actors and students, the announcer continued: “How have you all been? What’s the good news? We’re doing fine. It’s official: season two of All of Us Is Dead will be released. Our expectation is that you will be thrilled.

“What will happen in the second season of All of Us Are Dead? Oh, I must leave; my pals are waiting for me.

The show clearly has a strong fan base and won’t go away quickly. K-dramas typically only air for one season, but since Squid Game became a global success and was renewed for a second season, the rules were abruptly changed.

All Of Us Are Dead Season 2: Who’s In The Cast?

Considering (as the title implies) not THAT many of the original cast really made it out to breathe another day, this one is more than a little bit tough.

However, there are a few stragglers, so it’s possible that they’ll return to the fray. They are Park Ji-On-jo, hu’s Park Solomon’s Su-hyeok, Im Jae-Dae-su, hyuk’s Ha Seung-Ha-ri, ri’s Lee Eun-Mi-jin, saem’s and Hyo-ryung Park’s Mi-jin (Kim Bo-yoon).

The presence of Yoon Chan-young in the promotional video all but confirms the return of Cheong-san.

The noble sacrifice he made in episode 11 left fans reeling, but now that we know he’ll be back in season 2, we’ll have to wait and see in what capacity he’ll be making an appearance. Alive?

All Of Us Are Dead Now Season 2
All Of Us Are Dead Now Season 2

Image Source: epicstream

Yoon revealed the character’s demise to Soompi, saying: “In a recent interview, I was asked directly if Cheong San had passed away. The truth is that I have no idea. Nothing has been decided, and I haven’t heard anything about what will happen next. For my part, I hope to see another day. What I really want is the opportunity to express some of the thoughts and feelings that were left unsaid.”

All Of Us Are Dead Season 2 Plot: What Will Happen?

Nearly everyone dies at the end of “All of Us Are Dead.” Hyosan was quickly overrun by zombies after the initial outbreak, but the Korean military was able to wipe out a sizable portion of the undead population through aerial bombardment.

Even though most of the survivors’ tales had been told, the outbreak could still start up again. With just one zombie, everything could be ruined once more.

And then there’s Nam-ra, who, despite having the infection ravage her body, never lost her humanity. It turns out that she is not the only hybrid to benefit from the virus and develop superhuman strength and pain resistance. The problem is that people are still hungry for human flesh, so that’s another danger that new episodes could really sink their teeth into.

This show’s trajectory is substantially different from the original webtoon by Joo Dong-geun, in which Nam-ra stays with her friends rather than the hybrids.

There’s also a clue that the virus has made its way to Japan, which is something the programme may explore in season two, either by dropping more hints about Japan or by actually moving the action of the show to that country. The fact that All of Us Are Dead was made in South Korea makes the latter possibility less likely, though.

The webtoon may not be the best place to search for clues about season two, as Lee Jae-kyoo has already made several significant alterations from it.

All Of Us Are Dead Season 2 Trailer: When Can I Watch It?

The trailer for the second season of All of Us Is Dead won’t infect our lives until about a month before the premiere. Simply put, that’s how Netflix operates.

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