List of My Hero Academia Characters!

The world of My Hero Academia, seen in the manga and anime series developed by Khei Horikoshi, is expansive, to say the least. Superpowers, or “Quirks,” are commonplace in the fictitious planet where the show is set; in fact, more than 80% of the world’s population has them. The proliferation of these powers has spawned both heroic advocates and dangerous antagonists.

My Hero Academia Characters

Izuku Midoriya

The story’s protagonist is a shy, selfless, Quirkless adolescent with heroic aspirations. Izuku’s initial portrayal as insecure, emotional, weak, and expressionless stems from her years of being looked down upon by Bakugo for not having a Quirk. He studies hard and with determination, and his passion for heroism borders on the terrifying. Motivated by his dream, he keeps meticulous records of his research into the unique powers and quirks of many heroes. Izuku developed an excellent analytical mind as a result of this training, allowing him to quickly devise complicated battle tactics that take into account the best methods to exploit his allies’ and foes’ Quirks.

He insists that a hero should meddle in the lives of others and is often seen assisting or lecturing others who are experiencing mental or emotional distress, regardless of whether or not it is his responsibility to do so. He vocalizes his thoughts by babbling on and on, which both bothers and scares his friends and colleagues, particularly All Might. Because of his intense interest in heroes, he learns everything he can about them and often manages to wow even the heroes themselves with his expertise.

episode 2, episode 5, and episode 40 Izuku is the ninth possessor of One For All (, Wan F ru), a transferrable Quirk that stores power and gives him superhuman strength, speed, stamina, and durability after he is chosen by All Might to inherit his talents after attempting to save his boyhood buddy Bakugo from a villain. In the end, it is Izuku who makes history as the first user to manifest a psychic link with the spirits of deceased One For All users and inherit their Quirks.

Izuku finds out that All for One’s trainee Tomura Shigaraki has gotten powerful enough to steal One for All after nearly a year of school activities and internships, some of which are intercepted by villain attacks. Since this puts his other students at risk, Izuku chooses to quit U.A. and take on Shigaraki and his villainous army. Before he leaves, he tells his friends and some of the best heroes in the world about One for All, and they join him in his pursuit of the baddies.

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Katsuki Bakugo

An old acquaintance of Izuku’s with a short fuse who is now also his Class 1-A opponent. Explosion (, Bakuha) is his quirk, which allows him to make huge explosions by secreting sweat with nitroglycerin-like characteristics from his hands and lighting it on order. Bakugo’s self-description as a “abusive egotist” was found in the Ultra Analysis manual. Particularly at the start of the series, Katsuki comes out as unpleasant, haughty, impulsive, and violent. ep 1 Katsuki is self-assured and fearless because of his Quirk and abilities; he is ready to take on any opponent. He is not one to back down from a fight, and when pitted against an opponent of this caliber, he will fight to the death.

Bakugo’s inflated sense of self-importance and disdain for others, notably Izuku, may be traced back to his childhood when he was showered with admiration for his powerful Quirk and innate aptitude. Despite Katsuki’s inability to move past his problems with Izuku, the two have worked together frequently, especially in the context of the Final Exams. He is at his most moody and introspective when he is left alone to think about himself. Numerous wins, such as the Battle Trial and the Provisional Hero License Exam, were lost due to his unrestrained pride and anger, which tend to grow whenever Izuku is present.

As the book progresses, he comes to care for Izuku’s well-being, especially after discovering the truth about One For All, despite having bullied Izuku ever since they were kids. Izuku has fled U.A. to protect his loved ones from All For One, and Bakugo has finally reconciled with him by addressing him by his real name and apologizing for his years of arrogance.

Ochaco Uraraka

The girl’s Quirk, Zero Gravity ((), Zero Gurabiti), allows her to render any object weightless just by touching it with the pads of her fingertips. Excessive usage of her Quirk will make her very sick. ep 4 Horikoshi uses the word “honest” to describe Ochaco. He was pleased with the name he had thought up for her. As the complete name of Mt. Lady and the Quirk’s source, Ochaco was originally given the name “Yu Takeyama” in a prototype concept produced by Horikoshi. Horikoshi, however, decided against this since she would have become too powerful in comparison to the heroes and hence too difficult to manage. The most chill girl in class is Ochaco, so they say.

She frequently says quite frank things without meaning to. She has trouble stifling her laughter when she observes the eccentricities and oddities of people and is frequently charmed by them. Ochaco is the one who gave Izuku the confidence to take on the heroic moniker “Deku,” remarking that it sounded like the Japanese word for “you can do it” (dekiru). She is a warm, vibrant person who views the world through a lens of optimism, yet is also able to perceive both the good and the bad in each situation.

She has a generous heart, is nice to everyone she meets, and will stand up for people who have been nice to her or who are in need. ep 6 Ochaco’s usually upbeat and somewhat naive exterior belies her ability to adopt a fiercely focused, resolute, and even threatening approach when the situation calls for it. She secretly harbors romantic feelings for Izuku but chooses to put those aside in order to pursue her dream of becoming a hero and so supporting her family.

Ochaco’s family is quite low-income, therefore instead of a smartphone, they only have a flip phone. ep 22 Ochaco has shown a greater interest in rescue missions, and she admires Thirteen for her knowledge in this field. She is self-aware enough to know she needs to work on her fighting skills during her internship, so she decides to shadow the action hero Gunhead. ep 26 As a result, she gained a newfound understanding of the battlefield and improved her fighting instincts.

When people begin to protest when Class 1-A students return Izuku to U.A. and demand that they not be made to pay for the heroes’ faults, Uraraka rushes into the building and addresses everyone with a microphone, but no one seems to be listening to his rational arguments. At the end of her speech, she screams that U.A. High is Izuku’s Hero Academy and begs everyone to let him stay because her exceptional power is a thing but there is nothing as a remarkable person.

Tenya Ida

The stoic leader of Class 1-A is equipped with jet engines in his calves thanks to his Quirk, Engine (, Enjin), which grants him tremendous speed. In the first volume, Horikoshi explains how Tenya was developed during the serialization meeting, and how the character eventually veered away from the original concept (possibly because the setting was changed to a school). This could account for the differences between the older, barely resembling the current character, and the design, which is much slimmer and not as tall or muscular. Although Tenya comes off as cold and imposing at first, he is actually an honest, sincere, intellectual, smart, disciplined, and honourable individual who is only a little bit socially inept as a result of his privileged upbringing.

Since Izuku learned the truth about the Entrance Exam, Tenya has recognized him as a worthy peer and held him in high esteem, and he takes things extremely seriously. The president of Class 1-A, Tenya is domineering and obnoxious, and he is preoccupied with order and discipline. He expects the same from his classmates. He’s incredibly modest, quick to own up to his blunders and apologies for any rudeness he may have caused, and eager to work on his weaknesses.

Since he comes from the prestigious Ida family, Tenya takes great pride in his heritage and strives to live up to the lofty standards set for him. He looks up to Tensei, his older brother, and hopes to one day emulate his heroic qualities. Ep 9 After much deliberation, Tanya resolves to take up the mantle left by his older brother Tensei, who was forced to retire after suffering a critical injury at the hands of the Hero Killer Stain.

Shoto Todoroki

A cool and collected first-year student. He can produce ice from his right side and flames from his left thanks to his Quirk, Half-Cold Half-Hot (, Hanrei Hannen). He was accepted to the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) High School via the recommendation-based Recommendation Entrance Exam. Because of his difficult upbringing and harsh upbringing, Shoto developed a cold, distant demeanor. Shoto, who was focused and emotionless, rarely socialized with others.

He is the youngest of Endeavor’s children, and he was severely abused by his father as a child, thus he spent years refusing to utilize his left side. This changed when he met Izuku, who taught him that using his fire talents doesn’t need him to acknowledge his heritage. ep 23 However, following the U.A. Sports Festival, Shoto became noticeably more friendly and kind; he even developed a sense of humor and cracked the occasional smile, albeit he still had vestiges of his prior aloof attitude.

His mother, Rei Todoroki, is hospitalized, and he goes to see her. Despite the awkwardness between them from their long separation, he goes anyhow. Although he has not shown much emotion toward Endeavor and has made it apparent that forgiving him for his treatment of him and his mother is tough, he has shown concern for his father’s well-being. As a result of his father’s efforts to mend fences with the family, Shoto has adopted a cautiously optimistic stance. ep 90

Eijiro Kirishima

A Class 1-A student with the Quirk of Hardening (, Kka) who is known for his brashness and noble nature. A person’s Hardening can only protect them for so long before it begins to wear off and they begin to lose strength from using their Quirk constantly. ep 24 Often referring to things or persons as “manly” or “unmanly” to express his approval or disapproval, Eijiro clearly has a strong affinity for the concept of manliness. Ep 100 He is dogged and unselfish, risking his own life to ensure the welfare of others.

Because of his pleasant demeanor and willingness to boost others up, he quickly bonds with individuals who share his enthusiasm and determination. Eijiro is so devoted to his friends that he would break the law to save them, and he would be devastated if anything ever happened to prevent him from coming to their aid. He takes responsibility seriously and can be extremely critical of himself when bad things happen to him or his pals.

All Mha Characters
All Mha Characters

Despite Kirishima’s best efforts in his youth to become a hero with his less-developed hardening Quirk, he eventually realized that he needed help if he was going to go off against real criminals. Ashido was a friend of his from middle school when he intervened on behalf of harassed pupils. When his friends were being threatened by an unknown adversary, he was hesitant to intervene. It’s too late for him to opt-out of being a hero, but a speech from his idol, Crimson Riot, gave him new hope.

Tsuyu Asui

A frog-like girl with a heart of gold from the First Period. Her prehensile tongue and the ability to attach to and climb vertical surfaces are only two of the many benefits of her Frog (, Kaeru) Quirk. Horikoshi decided to make Tsuyu a female character despite the fact that there aren’t enough girls in Class 1-A for him to use a male character. She is a no-nonsense, cold-hearted person who says just what she thinks of others.

Tsu is her preferred name to be called by, but only by those, she considers to be her true friends. Her regular expression is a blank one, which both makes it hard for others to gauge her mental state and gives them the creeps. When Tsuyu is thinking, curious, or communicating, she often rests the tip of her finger on the corner of her mouth.

At the end of her phrases or in place of many of her one-word replies, she will croak like a frog and utter “ribbit” (“kero” in Japanese). Tsuyu was the most vocal opponent when some members of Class 1-A agreed to rescue Katsuki Bakugo following the Vanguard Action Squad Invasion. He argued that because they were acting on their emotions and disobeying the law, they were no better than villains. Ep 46 She tells the Bakugo Rescue Squad to make up and return to having fun after they ran off to save their classmate out of selfishness; in return, her pals apologize to her, proving that she does, in fact, have emotional feelings outside of the dorms.

Momo Yaoyorozu

The Class 1-A vice president is a seasoned and level-headed adult. When she knows the chemical structure of a non-living thing, she can make it out of the lipids she stores in her body using her Quirk, Creation (, Sz). Horikoshi sets the record straight, rebutting an earlier assertion that Momo couldn’t manufacture biological material by saying that Momo can’t create living beings. Her Quirk was designed to be possessed by a Pro Hero, but Horikoshi decided that the introduction of such a powerful talent to a novice protagonist would make for a more fascinating story. Official references helped her gain admission to U.A. High School.

As a leader, Momo has great foresight and dedication. She is quiet and shy, but she isn’t afraid to call people out when they’ve made a mistake, and she wants nothing more than to see her students succeed so they can join the ranks of the great heroes she read about in books she’s schooled them on at home. After comparing herself to Shoto Todoroki and losing quickly against Fumikage Tokoyami in the U.A. Sports Festival, Momo’s pride was crushed and she began to doubt her own ability to make quick decisions in practical situations. Momo had lost faith in her rapid wit, but after Shoto reassured her during their final exams, she realized that diverse people’s talents can supplement one another.

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