Accident, Suicide Or Murder’ Season 3 Trailer Is Perfect For True Crime Fans

Accident, Suicide, Or Murder Trailer: Of course, I’m referring to Accident, Suicide, or Murder, a popular true crime series on Oxygen. The third season of the show, which premieres on Saturday, April 17 at 8:30 p.m., continues to investigate unsolved cases of death that may have been the result of suicide, murder, or some other cause.

And according to the new trailer, which debuted on E! News exclusively, there will be plenty of secrets to uncover in the upcoming season. At the beginning of the video, a distraught voice says, “My girlfriend shot herself in the head.”

The question is, did she? Somebody in the interview later describes one incident as “a freak accident.”

But there is evidence of foul play in at least some of these incidents. One law enforcement official later clarified that the deceased woman “never” held the firearm. Some people get away with murder, as another man so aptly put it.

The upcoming season of Accident, Suicide, or Murder will be riveting viewing for followers of true crime. The new video claims, “The cases will leave you guessing. Their deaths left questions. The crime scenes left clues.”

The first episode’s description of Oxygen will focus on the investigation into the death of a young mother.

Accident, Suicide Or Murder Trailer
Accident, Suicide, Or Murder Trailer

The plot summary reads as follows: “A weekend getaway to an Alaskan lodge turns tragic for a young mother when her boyfriend shoots and kills her; the death is considered an accident, and the investigation is closed; nevertheless, an eerily identical incident in Montana prompts investigators to review the case.”

As of Sunday, April 18, the final day of Oxygen’s Serial Killer Week, the highly awaited return of the show may finally be seen. Make it a point to tune in all weekend long for riveting crime programming.

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